Real Estate Management

A professional with many skills


  • Carries out daily management of the co-ownership. ;
  • Assures the due respect of the regulations of the co-ownership and may serve as intermediary in case of a dispute between co-owners. ;
  • Manages and and updates the maintenance book.
  • Organises and conducts general meetings, taking into account legislative and regulatory texts.
  • Implementation of agreed decisions made in the general meetings.
  • Takes minutes, and, in accordance with the “SRU” (solidarité et renouvellement urbains)* law , displays the choices made in the general meetings on the communal notice board.
  • Accountable for their professional decisions and actions.


  • Undertakes the recruitment of staff necessary for the property to function well (aretaker, cleaning staff, gardener...)
  • Assures the care of common parties.
  • Manage the property’s insurance policies.
  • Advises the members of the co-ownership on the best options to maintain and develop their property.
  • Advises on the choice of service providers and provides a cost estimate.
  • Negotiates the contracts and protects the best interests of the co-ownership’s union.
  • Oversees the progress of the work decided on in the general meetings


  • Annually provides an estimated cost to cover everyday expenses of the property and submits it for approval at the general meetings.
  • Carries out financial management and maintains the accounts of the co-ownership union.
  • Settles due invoices and collects the charges that are then divided between the members of the co-ownership.

*The “Solidarity and urban renewal” law sets out over 200 articles and extends the buyer’s protection