About Us

Bretagne Proprietes Services was conceived by three partners, Patrick Goudy, Bertrand Guillemot, and David Ward. All three were driven by a passionate love of the beauty and quality of life within Brittany – a quality of life which continues to thrive to this present day.

Founded in 1991, the business was based on the provision of a personal and high quality level of service together with a greater understanding of the property needs of the developing foreign ownership market, coupled with the emergence of a new generation within France who desired to be property owners.

Given these foundations, the directional vision and the increased popularity of Brittany as “the” location for “Maison Secondaire”, the business has grown in size and reputation and now boasts offices in four locations within the Morbihan region.

Currently employing some ten staff (all English speaking), Bretagne Proprietes Services provides a professional and dedicated service to clients both new and old. Linking with estate agents within the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, and utilisation of the internet, has enabled our company to extend its catchment area to beyond the immediate regional borders and become “the” Immoblier of first contact.

Our portfolio of properties contains everything old and new – from “needing attention and tender loving care” to “ready to move in today” – from “small and bijou” to “Chateau with extensive grounds”.

You will find the people of Brittany to be very welcoming, and you will undoubtedly be impressed by the beautiful scenery and undulating landscape. Explore the numerous picturesque villages, and small towns of character, each offering good quality facilities. Discovering the extensive real and mythical history really brings the character of the region to life.

Services to the region continue to improve with the recent introduction of the TGV rail service and expanded road network. There has also been a dramatic interest in the provision of “low cost flights” to regional airports within Brittany from all over Europe. The proximity of the "Golfe du Morbihan" is an added bonus providing lovely sandy beaches and a unique micro climate to the region.